The Journey…. Starting 4/26

Life’s been great, even during Covid. Loving friends and family, lots of work and food. The thing is, sweets and little exercise is taking it’s toll.

It’s time to do what it takes to be healthy, have lots of energy and feel great about myself. I want to live as long as possible so that I can be around for my loved ones and enjoy every minute with them that I can. Soooooo . . . . here goes! I got this!

I Have So Much to Be Grateful For!

Things I’m grateful for today . . . having Misty in my life. I love her so much! I’m grateful that she likes to “Netflix” with me. I’m grateful that she takes the time to chat with or message me almost every day and sends me pics of her wonderful family, including Ellie, Dingo, Pixel, Matilda, Bubs, Thulu, the ducks and chickens, and Ryan. Love you, Misty!

I’m grateful for my incredible son – so blessed he’s my son. I’m also grateful for his precious wife, Ilinda. They were married in December. The wedding was fantastic. I now have a new family full of love.

I’m also grateful for my precious kitties; what would I do without you two? Also grateful to have a full frig, a great roomy (Fatima), and Alec.

Also grateful to be alive and to have the will power to get and stay healthy and to have the will power to quit spending money on things I don’t nee.



3 pancakes with butter and syrup

1 mandarin orange

1 cup grapefruit juice


cup of coffee with peppermint mocha



Chipped Beef on 2 pieces of toast

Black Cherry sun tea


So Here Goes….

Yes, courage is fear that has said it’s prayers

This pretty piece was created by my dear friend Cynthia. I was fortunate enough to meet her a few years ago and her, along with 3 other incredible women, have become sisters. Can’t imagine my life without them.

It’s with their love and support that I am inspired to finally accomplish my health and financial goals. Thanks girls! You’re the BEST!!