Things I’m Grateful For Today

I have so many things to be grateful for today.

❤️Mochi, my always loyal cat

❤️Luna, my darling grand cat

❤️Pixel, my sweet grand cat

❤️Ellie, my sweet girl pup

❤️Dingo, my good, good, boy pup

❤️A great apartment in Woodinville

❤️Stopping myself from using Kohls credit card today

❤️Good food


❤️The internet

❤️TV and tons of things to watch

❤️Sean & Ilinda


❤️Sean & Ilinda

❤️Adam and Adasyn







❤️Great neighbors

❤️Getting to know Shasta

❤️Janice Penner

❤️Facebook friends like Gerry Sperry


❤️Comfy Bed

❤️My health

❤️Nice office