Had a “Punch to the Gut” Experience

So, having birthday dinner with my awesome son and daughter-in-law. They’re getting all their ducks in a row to be ready to buy a home over the next couple of days. In the meantime we were chatting about it, and, to be safe, he asked if I had $1400 he could borrow for a day or two because it might transfer accounts faster. I didn’t have the money to give. Talk about a jarring experience! I felt so ashamed and I never want to feel that way again.

Not only did I feel bad because I couldn’t help him (even though he said no big deal at all), it really hit me that I have no savings and have blown thousands since my social security kicked in during Covid. So disturbing 🙁

Anyway, really, really quitting my spending spree for good.

YAY! Stopped Myself from using a CC!

Came sooooo close to charging on my Kohls account today! Thank goodness the site was acting up bad enough for me to talk myself out of it. There’s nothing I needed! It would have just been an emotional buy to make myself feel better.

Anyway, I’m feeling better now. I had promised myself I’d stop using credit, and it looks like it’s working. I came close to blowing it but stopped myself. YAY!!!

Update: 5/14 – ordered a blouse that I received before that had problems on Kohls via the Kohls card. I swear that’s the last time!

On My way to Financial Freedom 5/8/22

So, it’s Mother’s Day and I’m making it official! Today I start the process of working toward being debt-free. The only thing I purchased today was a Kindle book about getting debt-free. I placed my last credit card order for things I don’t need yesterday. I know I will be able to start spending because I accomplished quitting drinking and smoking over 30 years ago and never started again. Better late than never when it comes to creating healthy spending habits. Part of the plan:

No more buying things I don’t need.

Only pay cash using a debit card.

Only ordering groceries from Amazon once a month.

Shopping for groceries using coupons/deals.

Pay off my current debt monthly and pay more than the minimum.

Pay off small credit card debt first then apply those monthly payments to the other cards.

NOTE: As of today my credit score is (fair):

Transunion: 666

Equifax: 688

Here we go! I’m really excited and it’s never too late to begin. I’ll be 68 on May 22 and want to eliminate my loan/credit card debt so I can retire on a budget without suffering too much.

I love you, Cheryl! You got this!

Learning New Habits Can Be a Struggle

I have really been struggling when it comes to not spending money. I do it without thinking …. like in a daze … even though I’ve told myself things will change. Unfortunately, that didn’t work but the quote above drove the point home…


What I want the most is security and not having to depend on others when I’m no longer able to work. It’s also no feeling ashamed with I need to tell loved ones the financial position I’ve put myself in if things don’t change.

So…Here’s to new, positive habits and sticking to them!

Love you!

Losing My Roomie

Fatima’s moving before 4/2/21 (for Ramadan). I’m happy to be living alone again but spiraling because of the expense. I should have been saving money while she was here but I’ve spent, spent, spent. Lesson to be learned. Now I just need to keep my mind from focusing on what I should have been doing and doing the right things moving forward.

Sean and Ilinda will be looking for a home within the next year or two as well so they’ll be moving on. Very happy for them but will miss being so close.

Life is about change and growth. I have to open myself up to growth and mindful living.

Positive things about my upcoming life changes

Positives of Fatima moving are:

I will spend less money on groceries

I will spend less money on utilities

I will spend less money on Minol

I will have my parking space back

I have always enjoyed living alone

It will be the encouragement I need to spend less money on things I don’t need

Making the spare bedroom a guest/hobby room 🙂

I’ll have the whole place to myself when somebody visits.

Created by my beautiful friend Cynthia

My focus will be on self improvement

By self-improvement I mean

Eating healthy


Getting outside

Loving saving money

Spending more time with friends and loved ones

I’ll be back to add more 🙂

Saving Money 2022 Day 1

This year is all about learning new habits, focusing on health, and SAVING MONEY! A good friend of mine Diana recommended keeping track of things I didn’t buy so I can see how much I’ve saved by not buying things. Sounded like an excellent idea and one I’m going to stick to starting today. So far today I’m saving the following:

$150 (Bistro Set)

$40 (Mini Zen Garden)

$75 (Skechers Women’s Go Walk 6-Magic Melody Sneaker)