Food Journal Starting 5/27

Coffee with creamer 2
Nuts and grains toast with cream cheese and lemon curd

So I missed a few days logging food. I will say I did a lot better. I cut out sweets again. That’s a biggie for me 🙂



Coffee (2 cups w/creamer), a bowl of strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and banana with cinnamon on top.

Food Journal 5/26

I am waiting for my paperback food journal to arrive, so I am journaling my food/activities here.

3 cups of coffee with cream

5 8 oz cups of water.

Smoothies (super greens, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, almond milk

Tuna sandwich with two slices of cheese and veggies for lunch.

Naan chicken tikka masala for dinner


Brocoli salad

Food Journal – What I Know For Sure

What I know about what I eat is that processed sweets inhibit my weight loss. Thinking I’ll stick to making healthy, sweet smoothies and eating natural sweet treats like dates and fresh fruit.

I’ll skip drinking juice – eating fruit instead.

I’ll cut back on what I consume in each meal.

I’m not going to buy hamburger for a while, sticking to veggies, and chicken,

I’m drinking more water and skipping soda and sweetened drinks as often as possible.

Stay tuned for more things that I learn along the way.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep – today I’m 67 years young. I’m going to spend the afternoon with my wonderful son Sean and Ilinda, walking around Redmond and stopping by their favorite coffee shop (not sure of the name).

Going to celebrate my birthday and Misty’s half yearly when she comes to visit in June 🙂

I’ve treated myself to lots of goodies but now it’s time to start saving money 🙂

5/5 It’s All About the Green!

Not to bad today so far.

1 scrambled egg
3 pancakes with syrup and butter
2 cups of coffee

Veggie smoothie with:
Super greens
baby carrots
frozen chunks of fruit (banana/peach/etc
Almond milk

Tikka Masala
Brown Rice

Water: 16 ounces plus sparkly water with pure cranberry juice.