Weighing in at 163.4

So it was my birthday on 5/22, and over the week, I ate a lot of birthday cake, etc. So, threw out the leftover cake and weighed myself around noon today – a whopping 163.4.

Soooo, I’m back to avoiding processed sweets and eating healthier. Also going to do better when it comes to walking, weights, etc.

Here’s to a bright, healthy future!

159.2 – Up a Tad

My weight went up a tad but not bad, considering I fell off a few times this month. I am doing better and will walk more, stretch, etc. I was having sciatic problems again, and what I think was a touch of food poisoning, but I am much better. It’s amazing how resilient the body is, even when you don’t treat it the way it deserves to be treated.

5/10/22 Weighed 162 today and know why. I’ve been overindulging on sweets.

Oh Well 162 pds … Tomorrow is Another Day

So… I weighed myself a couple of days ago and am up to 162! It’s been slowly creeping up. I’ve stopped eating processed foods and sweets, so I feel sorry for myself.

I know where I went wrong – too much bread, lots of cashews, and not exercising enough. But still…… That’s what my inner voice says.

So, feeling sorry for myself today, I ate a cheeseburger and two tacos. And… White chocolate cute avocado candy that my sweet daughter-in-law gave me.

Okay…..no, more pity party. I’ll be back on track tomorrow. Thanks for listening 🙂